Frequently Asked Questions 


Q-What are the days and time MYAP is in session?

A-MYAP is in session every full school day from dismissal till 5:30 pm All students must be out of the building by 6:00 pm

Q Is there be MYAP on half day’s holidays and breaks?

A- There is NO MYAP on ½ days or holidays or If your Principle or the Chancellor cancels due to their digression: Inclement Weather, Parent Teacher Conference, Student Shows etc. Yes, we do offer a program for the Mid-Winter break in February and for the Spring break in April. This program is in addition to the regular MYAP after school program and therefore is priced separately for each week. This program will operate from 8 am -6 pm.  Details to follow

Q-Can I pick up my child early?

A-Yes, you may pick up your child whenever you want.

Q-Must I sign my child out?

A-Yes, you must sign your child out.

Q-Does MYAP take attendance?

A-Yes, we take attendance at MYAP and if your child is absent from school, we assume they will not be with us at MYAP.  Once a child leaves the building they are not permitted to enter back into the program on that day. Example: Mom picks up her child at 1pm for Dr. appointment you may not return to us at 4 pm.

Q- How much does MYAP cost?

A - There is a one-time registration fee of $ 75.00 per child. The current monthly tuition is $350.00 per month and is paid every month out.

A - Example: August 15th payment is for Sept. Sept 15th payment is for October.  Oct 15th payment is for Nov. Nov 15th payment is for Dec. Dec 15th payment is for Jan etc. Payments made after the 15th of any month will incur a $25.00 per week late fee.

Q. Does MYAP offer daily or weekly rates?

A- Yes. the MYAP daily rate is $50.00 per day paid in cash that day. The weekly rate is $225.00 paid cash on the 1st day of your week.

Q-Do we pay for days when there is no school?

A- No. MYAP is pro-rated by the 182 school days of each school year meaning that your tuition is based on 10 months divided by 182 days. You do not pay for the days when there is no school.

($350.00 x 10 months= $3,500.00 divided by 182 days =$19.23 per day).

Q- Do we complete and check homework each day with the children?

A-Yes, however we expect that you check your child’s homework too.

Q- How can I enroll my child and make payment?

Please click "forms" and fill out an enrollment form. You can place your enrollment form in an envelope and send it in your child’s folder to school where it will be placed in our mailbox. You can also email, drop off at your school, fax or snail mail. All these options are available at our website.

Your payment can be sent to us in an envelope addressed to MYAP and placed in our mailbox at your child’s school or when you pick up your child.

Q-Does MYAP provide snack?

A- No, we do not provide snacks due to food allergies, but we always have something healthy for a child that may not have a snack.

Q- Are your Counselors Screened?

  1. Yes, we are screened, and all our Directors are CPR Advanced 1st Aid Trained by the American Red Cross and Certified.

Q- Do you have a Summer Day Camp?

  1. Yes, and it’s Magical!  Our homesite is in Bayside Queens on the corner of Bell Blvd & Union Turnpike. The name of our summer camp is Magic Day Camp and we offer a full 8-week summer program in addition to the MYAP after-school program at a discounted rate.